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Registration Activation & Issues

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:19 am
by PrINCE v3
Registration activation
To become an active user we require activation through a valid email account. The reasons why we require this are:
  • Admins or Moderators may need to contact you for various things. They normally do this by private messages (who should send an email to the user advising that a private message has been sent), or as a second solution, they may directly email a user
  • We are trying to keep our user data base as small as possible. Users without a valid email will be banned as we are not able to contact you as per the reasons invoked in the previous paragraph.
Account Activation via email is temporarily suspended. All new accounts will be Activated by Wv3 Staff. Therefore, just wait until Wv3 Staff carries out the Activation for you and then log into your new account and enjoy the forum.

Registration issues
Please send an email to: from the registered email you signed up with and we will take care of your problem asap.