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Applications for Link Checkers

Currently taking applications for link checkers: Apply Here!
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Applications for Link Checkers

Post by Polylak »

Hello Wv3 members,

We need your help to keep Wv3 fresh, orderly and clean. Please take a moment to consider taking on the role of a prospective Link Checker.

We are looking for members who can systematically check page to page for dead links and report those topics including looking out for issues not adhering to our forum rules.

A high level of concentration is needed and would suit someone who has formal specific experience in these matters and is used to working with large amounts of data. Though it is a repetitive task, it is vital role for the forum.

If you think this may be you and would like to help this fast growing community, please submit your interest in filling the position by making a post under this sub-forum and also detailing your experience or attributes which in turn will be taken into consideration.


Warez-v3 Forum Staff

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